django-blog-it’s documentation v0.1:


django-blog-it is simple and completely customizable blog application. You can integrate it into your project and customise the blog application or just host it to post your articles.

Source Code is available in Micropyramid Repository(

Modules used:
  • Pillow
  • Django Simple Pagination


Python >= 2.6 (or Python 3.4)
Django = 1.9
jQuery >= 1.7

Installation Procedure

  1. Install django-blog-it using the following command:

    pip install django-blog-it
    git clone git://
    cd django_blog_it
    python install
  2. After installing/cloning this, add the following settings in the virtual env/bin/activate file to start discussions on blog articles

        You can create/get your disqus account at
    # Disquss details
    DISQUSSHORTNAME="Your Disquss Short Name"
  3. Use virtualenv to install requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

Working modules

  • Create Blog Posts.
  • A Complete Blog with articles, categories, tags, archievs.
  • Blog Post History.
  • Blog Post Trash Management.

Planned Modules

  • Blog pages
  • Contact us page (configurable)
  • google analytics
  • SEO compliant
  • Configurable contact us page.
  • Dynamic Menu.
  • Social Login.

We are always looking to help you customize the whole or part of the code as you like.